Palki Sharma Pips Fake Agenda Against Narendra Modi Govt At Oxford Union Society Surprise in 2024

Palki Sharma is a prominent Indian journalist and a popular news anchor. She has been the Managing Editor at WION News channel till she quit the position on 2 September 2022.

Presently, she is a Managing Editor at Firstpost. This article delves into the incident at Oxford Union Society where the popular Palki Sharma was also present who bust the fake agenda against PM Narendra Modi and his Government.

Palki Sharma Exposes Fake Agenda Against PM Narendra Modi:

She recently participated in a debate at the Oxford Union Society, which is also known for its Oxford Union Debates. The debate was about whether Modi’s India is on the right path. Speaking in support of the motion was Palki Sharma and the previous Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development Rt. Hon. Baroness Sandip Verma. Sharma drew on India’s digital developments, for instance, financial inclusion and internet penetration, to signify the path that India is on. She described India as a “soft power giant”, which “rubs shoulders with the West but also leads the Global South.” She also referred to India’s neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Palski Sharma asked “If India is a poor democracy, Did BJP win the Karnataka or Telangana elections? Were the EVMs faulty then also?”

“Since Narendra Modi took over as PM in the year 2014, the Per capita income of India has doubled”

“It is only Narendra Modi’s India that got its much-deserved political stability. India is not a troublemaker but a consensus builder and a troubleshooter.

“Jammu & Kashmir under PM Narendra Modi’s regime has undergone a huge economic resurgence along with landmark social reforms”

“The deliberate Social media campaign for spreading misinformation against the rising India (Bharat) has become fierce today” ⚡

Palki Sharma defends PM Narendra Modi's government at Oxford Union, highlighting India's progress and countering misinformation campaigns effectively.

Palsi Sharma & Narendra Modi:

Since the year 2014, PM Narendra Modi has put in all his efforts along with the entire team of his Council Of Ministers to work in the best interests of India that is Bharat, and brought in numerous schemes for the welfare of the Indian Citizens in India and Abroad.

All these efforts have not only been acknowledged by the Indian Community in India and Abroad but also by the neighboring states as well as a majority of foreign national communities across the world, which also includes the Heads of governments of Several States.

Palki Sharma in her capacity as an Indian Citizen and a journalist has rightfully attempted to bring the facts before the International diaspora and the so-called Deep State openly working against Narendra Modi in several countries.

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Palki Sharma defends PM Narendra Modi's government at Oxford Union, highlighting India's progress and countering misinformation campaigns effectively.

Palki Sharma vs. the West & Deep State:

The evidence of the same is the announcement of statistics of several Indexes just before the Indian Parliamentary Elections which include:

  1. Consumer Prices Index (CPI)
  2. CPIH Index
  3. Happiness Index
  4. The Unemployment Index, among several other Indexes, that are deliberately being announced at this time to defame PM Narendra Modi and The Indian Democracy at large.


Indian Journalist Palsi Sharma’s efforts to ring out the facts before the international diaspora have not only been applauded by the international community but also highly applauded by the Indian Citizens and the Indian Electorate with the words “jai Shree Ram”.

The Indian Community in India as well as in other countries now openly admits that neither India nor the world has seen such an honest and upright Prime Minister who upholds culture and humanitarian values (witnessed globally during the Covid Pandemic) at the highest levels, besides taking care and of the national interests of Bharat and working towards remaking of Bharat – Vishwa Guru (Vishwa Bharati).

Jai Ma Bharti. Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jai Shree Ram.

What happened to Palki Sharma in WION?

Palki Sharma Upadhyay, a renowned journalist and anchor, parted ways with WION news channel, where she held the position of managing editor. This significant development was shared during a team meeting. Post her stint at WION, she embarked on a new journey with CNN-News18, hosting a talk show.

However, her departure was not without controversy. WION filed a lawsuit against Upadhyay, accusing her of misappropriation of “confidential and proprietary Zee information”. They demanded her services until December 2022 and sought damages worth Rs. 2 crore.

Despite her exit, her work continues to resonate with audiences. She was the face of the show “Vantage” on Firstpost, offering global news from an Indian viewpoint. Additionally, she hosted “Gravitas Plus” on WION, a platform where she delved into various global issues.

Who is the host of Gravitas?

Palki Sharma Upadhyay was the original anchor of WION’s “Gravitas”. However, following her exit, the baton was passed to Molly Gambhir. She now helms the show, providing insightful commentary on global issues. In addition to “Gravitas”, she also hosts “Gravitas Plus”, continuing the legacy of in-depth analysis and discussion on pressing matters.

Where was Palki Sharma born?

The birthplace of Palki Sharma Upadhyay is Pilani, Rajasthan, India. She was born on May 29, 1982. Please note that there is a discrepancy in some sources, as one source mentions her birthplace as New Delhi, India. However, the majority of sources confirm Pilani, Rajasthan as her birthplace.

What is Oxford Union?

Established in 1823, the Oxford Union Society, also referred to as the Oxford Union is a distinguished debating society located in Oxford, England. This society is believed to be one of the oldest university unions in Britain and is renowned globally for its so-called rich history and tradition.

The Oxford Union is not only a debating society but is also believed to be a social hub, providing a vibrant inter-college community. It is independent of the University of Oxford, with its membership primarily comprising students from the university.

The Union is also believed to be recognized for its world-class debates (Oxford Union Debates) and has been graced by leaders from various fields, including politics, academia, sports, and arts. The Union’s historic Grade II listed debating chamber appears to be a unique setting for these globally acclaimed debates and speaker meetings.

Members of the Oxford Union have the privilege of interacting with their heroes and challenging those they disagree with during interactive Q&A sessions. Many former Union Presidents have even ascended to high office in the UK and Commonwealth.

In conclusion, the Oxford Union appears to be more than a debating society. It seems to be a platform where ideas are exchanged, leaders can be nurtured, and history can be made.

Oxford University in India?

While the esteemed University of Oxford doesn’t have a physical campus in India, it maintains a robust connection with the country through various initiatives and collaborations. The India-Oxford Initiative (IndOx) is a significant part of this relationship, serving as a central hub for all India-related activities at Oxford and fostering potential external partnerships.

The academic publishing arm of the University, Oxford University Press (OUP), has had a presence in India since 1912. Over the years, OUP India has grown to become a leading publisher in the region.

Oxford’s engagement with India extends to collaborative projects with Indian institutions. One such initiative is the SMARThealth Pregnancy project, which leverages technology to aid community healthcare workers in rural India.

Another noteworthy project is Young Lives, an international study tracking childhood poverty across four countries, including the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The PEAK Urban project, managed by Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), seeks to understand the functioning of cities as systems. This project includes partners like the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS).

In conclusion, while Oxford University may not have a brick-and-mortar presence in India, its influence and engagement with the country are evident through its various initiatives and collaborations.

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