Farmers’ Protests: Reality Exposed By The Common Man Video

Farmers’ Protests: Reality Exposed By The Common Man Watch The Video At The End

The 2024 Indian (alleged) farmers’ protest is an ongoing event at the Punjab Border with Haryana In India, and understanding the “reality” requires considering different perspectives and ongoing developments.

Let’s analyze the reality exposed by the common man (through a video) on the ground, but before the same here’s a breakdown of some key points:

Alleged Farmer’s Demands:

Guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP): This is the core demand. The alleged Farmers want the Government of India to issue a legal guarantee of a minimum price for all their crops, protecting them from exploitation by private companies.

Other demands include loan waivers, doubling farmers’ income, and better access to essential resources.

Government Position On Alleged Farmers’ Demands:

Repealed Farm Bills: In response to the 2020-21 violent protests by the alleged farmers, the Government of India has already repealed the three controversial farm bills way back in November 2021. However, the alleged farmers argue that their key demand for MSP for all their crops hasn’t been addressed.

Open to discussions: The Government of India has held talks with the alleged farmer leaders and expressed willingness to find solutions.

Discover the reality of the alleged farmers' protests on the Punjab-Haryana Border, watch the video, and decide whether they are Pakistan's ISI Agents

Alleged Farmers – Protesters’ Perspective:

Lack of progress: Alleged farmers claim the government hasn’t met their core demands despite promises and negotiations.

Continued hardship: They face issues like low MSP, rising input costs, and debt burden.

Commitment to protest: Alleged farmers remain determined and continue their demonstrations across the country.

Criticisms and Concerns About The Alleged Farmers’ – Protestors:

Disruption and inconvenience: The protests of these alleged farmers’ protests have caused traffic disruptions and economic impact.

Potential for violence: They hold a high potential for violence, especially pre-planned violence, in the same manner as the violence and clashes that have occurred on 26th January 2021 the Republic Day of India.

Divisive rhetoric: Concerns already exist about political agendas existing behind these alleged farmers’ protests.

Current Situation:

Ongoing dialogue: Talks between the alleged self-styled farmers and the government continue, with no immediate breakthrough yet.

Protests persist: The alleged farmers remain camped at various locations, demanding concrete action.

International connections: The protests have immediately garnered international media coverage and raised concerns about farmer welfare. These so-called alleged farmers’ protests are being carried out with obvious direct or in-direct covert support and funding from external powers meaning State And Non-State Actors which include Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, George Soros, United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Pakistan including ISI, Maldives, some organizations allegedly projecting themselves as Sikh Organizations and other nations.

The Alleged farmers have been brutally exposed by the common man in the below Video:

Please decide whether these alleged farmers are real farmers or real Sikhs as they project themselves Or Khalistani And Pakistan’s ISI Agents After Fully Watching The Below Video:

Kisan Andolan से परेशान हो भड़की पंजाबी महिला की Modi से अपील सबको हैरान कर देगी


As per the views of the common man on the ground as visible in the above video, as well as from the reliable sources from these alleged farmers, these alleged farmers’ protests are not at all being done by any farmer or Sikh, but only being done by Khalistani And Pakistan’s ISI Agents to Malign & Tarnish The Name And Reputation Of PM Narendra Modi deliberately before the 2024 General Elections / 2024 Loksabha Elections in a preplanned and well-timed manner besides the aim of tarnishing the image and reputation of Bharat that is India at the International Level, along with an additional reason to keep the Indian Government and the Indian people at large busy with these alleged farmers’ protests so that they do not get any time to look out of their country and see what is going on in the world, especially the conspirators countries who have covertly conspired against India

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