Col. RSN Singh: Anti-India Conspiracy Revealed 2024 Loksabha Polls

Col. RSN Singh Reveals the Anti-India Conspiracy from External & Internal Forces

Who is Col. RSN Singh?

Colonel RSN Singh, also known as Ravi Shekhar Narayan Singh, is an Indian defense expert with a diverse background:

Military and Intelligence Service:

Former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer: RAW is India’s primary intelligence agency, responsible for gathering intelligence and conducting covert operations.

Former Indian Army officer: Colonel Singh held a commissioned rank in the Indian Army, indicating prior military service and leadership experience.

Current Activities:

Defense expert and commentator: He regularly analyzes geopolitical, defense, and strategic issues, particularly from an Indian perspective. He frequently appears on TV shows and writes articles for publications like the Indian Defence Review.

Author: He has written several books on various defense-related topics, including “Know the Anti-nationals,” “The Jihadis Plus – Know the Anti-Nationals,” and “The Military Factor in Pakistan.”

Discover the unreported Anti-India conspiracy from internal & external forces just before the 2024 Loksabha by Col. RSN Singh on a YouTube channel.


Col. RSN Singh Spills The Beans About The Anti-India Conspiracy

Col. RSN Singh, in his recent interview on a YouTube Channel. has made huge revelations about the Anti-India Conspiracy including Farmers Protests 2024 (Kisan Andolan), the involvement of George Soros, Rahul Gandhi, Congress Party, China, Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Pakistan, ISI, Maldives, and much more, and the revelations have come out just before the 2024 Loksabha Polls / General Elections 2024.

These major revelations are really important to know and understand for every Indian Citizen in the interests of the Indian Nation.

He has also explained the difference between the Farmers’ Protest 2021 And the Farmers’ Protest 2024.

He has also explained the details of these imposters in the alleged Farmers’ Protest and how they have been paid Rs. 40,000/- paid for participating in this alleged Farmers’ Protest for one month in 2024.

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The Reality Revealed By Col. RSN Singh In The Following Video: Watch The Full Video To Understand The The Anti-India Conspiracy

Elections in Bharat I Farmers Protest I Who is Behind the Chaos in India I Col RN Singh I Aadi





Given the facts revealed in the above video, it is clear how the various political parties in India hand-in-glove with foreign powers not only conspired against India and its national interests but also took the Indian electorate for a ride.


Now the time has come for the Indian electorate to make wise decisions and vote in the national interests of the nationalist national party to ensure the development and progress of the Indian Nation.


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