Aitana AI Influencer Model Makes 10,000 Euros Monthly Income

 Aitana AI Influencer Model Makes 10,000 Euros Monthly Income

Aitana, the AI influencer model, makes waves with her 10,000 Euros monthly income - Aitana AI Influencer Model Makes 10,000 Euros Monthly Income

AI Influencer Model Aitana: A Rising Star

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, AI-generated models and “influencers” are gaining new traction. These virtual personas offer brands more controllable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional human influencers. Aitana, Spain’s first AI model, is a prime example of this trend.

Created by The Clueless, a Spanish design agency, Aitana is a 25-year-old pink-haired woman from Barcelona who has amassed a sizable following of over 121,000 Instagram followers. With her captivating persona and curated lifestyle, Aitana has earned a lucrative career, generating up to 10,000 Euros per month through endorsements.

The Driving Force Behind Aitana’s Creation

The Clueless’ decision to create Aitana stemmed from a desire for a more reliable and predictable model, one not susceptible to the challenges often associated with human influencers. Rubén Cruz, the founder of The Clueless, envisions Aitana as a versatile model catering to the needs of various brands.

Crafting Aitana’s Virtual Life

Aitana’s life is meticulously crafted by a team of experts who determine her weekly activities, select destinations for her to visit, and curate engaging photos for her eager followers. Unlike traditional influencers, Aitana’s life is not confined to reality. Through the skillful use of Photoshop, Aitana is virtually transported to captivating locales, allowing her to experience weekends in cities like Madrid without ever leaving the studio.

Infusing Reality into Aitana’s Virtual World

Recognizing the power of relatable narratives, Aitana’s designer, Rubén Cruz, has infused her persona with a touch of reality. This approach has proven successful, as Aitana’s followers are drawn to her seemingly authentic lifestyle.

Aitana’s Success Sparks New Virtual Models

Inspired by Aitana’s success, The Clueless has created a second virtual model named Maia, continuing the AI naming theme. Brands are increasingly expressing interest in personalized virtual models, seeking to represent their values without the complexities often encountered with human influencers.

Cost-Saving Benefits and Ethical Concerns

While virtual models like Aitana offer brands potential cost savings, their use has sparked ethical concerns. Critics argue that the unrealistic perfection of AI-created models could exacerbate body image issues and unrealistic beauty standards, particularly among impressionable youth. Additionally, the highly sexualized image associated with virtual models like Aitana has drawn criticism.

The Clueless Defends Its Approach

The Clueless defends its approach by emphasizing that Aitana’s aesthetic aligns with existing industry trends established by real influencers and brands. The agency believes that addressing these concerns would necessitate a shift in the overall vision of brands, as the current visual landscape is already characterized by a certain level of sexualization.

The Future of AI Influencers Models

As AI keeps getting better, models like Aitana are set to become more important in marketing. But, it’s super important to talk about the ethical stuff related to these virtual personalities. We need to make sure we use them in a responsible and ethical way.

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