YouTube TV Rolls Out ‘Build A Multiview’ With NBA League Pass

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YouTube TV Rolls Out “Build a Multiview” with NBA League Pass: Watch Your Favorite Games, Your Way!

Get ready, basketball fans! YouTube TV is finally handing you the controls with their brand new “Build a Multiview” feature, rolling out in partnership with NBA League Pass. No more being restricted to pre-selected matchups – now you can curate your own viewing experience, catching up to 4 live games simultaneously!

From Static to Dynamic:

Since its launch last year, YouTube TV’s Multiview offered a set selection of games to watch together. While convenient, it lacked the personalized touch desired by many viewers. Enter “Build a Multiview,” empowering you to choose which games you want to see, tailoring your viewing experience to your basketball cravings.

Discover how to use the ‘Build a Multiview’ rolled out by YouTube TV, learn the process to use it now, and its benefits. Know the future expectations

How it Works:

Activating “Build a Multiview” is simple. Start watching any live NBA League Pass game on your YouTube TV Home tab. Click “Watch in Multiview” From there, select the new “Build a Multiview” option. Choose up to 3 additional games, and voila! Your personalized multi-game extravaganza is ready to roll.

Current Limitations:

While this is a significant step towards viewer control, it’s still not a complete free-for-all. For now, “Build a Multiview” is exclusive to NBA League Pass subscribers (currently priced at $49.99 for the season) and limited to smart TVs and streaming devices. Additionally, it’s not yet available for non-sports content.

Looking Ahead:

While initially restricted, YouTube TV plans to expand “Build a Multiview” capabilities. More sports and content types are likely on the horizon, along with potential availability on mobile devices. Google cites the computational demands of processing unique multiview combinations as a reason for the gradual rollout.

The Verdict:

Although not a complete customization dream yet, “Build a Multiview” marks a significant leap forward for YouTube TV’s multi-screen experience. Basketball fans with NBA League Pass can now curate their ideal game nights, catching all the action they crave. For everyone else, stay tuned – more options and wider accessibility are likely on the way!

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