WWDC23 Apple Swag Bag: What’s Inside and How to Get One

Apple has a tradition of rewarding its loyal developers with some special gifts every year at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year, the company has outdone itself by giving away a limited-edition tote bag, a hat, a thermos, and a set of enamel pins to the lucky attendees who registered for the event in person.

WWDC23 tote bag with Apple logo and WWDC23 logo

The WWDC23 swag bag is a stylish black tote with the Apple logo and the WWDC23 logo printed on it. The bag is spacious enough to fit a MacBook Pro and other essentials for the conference. The hat is also black with the WWDC23 logo embroidered on the front. The thermos is a sleek silver bottle with the Apple logo and the WWDC23 logo engraved on it. The thermos can keep drinks hot or cold for hours and has a leak-proof lid.

Enamel pins with Apple products and features

The most coveted item in the swag bag, however, is the set of enamel pins. The pins are colorful and quirky representations of some of Apple’s iconic products and features. There are 10 pins in total, including:

The Apple logo in rainbow colors

The “face holding back tears” emoji

An iPhone 3G

The Finder app icon

The Apple Park spaceship

A Macintosh

A pair of AirPods

A Swift bird

A SwiftUI logo

A Mac Catalyst logo

The pins are collectible and can be attached to the tote bag, the hat, or any other surface. They are also a great way to show off one’s love for Apple and its innovations.

Developers wearing WWDC23 hats and holding thermos bottles

The WWDC23 swag bag is a rare and exclusive gift that only a few thousand developers will receive. It is a token of appreciation from Apple for their hard work and dedication to creating amazing apps and experiences for its platforms. It is also a reminder of the excitement and anticipation that surrounds WWDC every year.

Screenshot of WWDC23 livestream on iPhone

WWDC23 is Apple’s biggest event of the year, where it showcases its latest software and hardware developments. This year, the event will take place from June 5 to June 9 at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. The keynote will be livestreamed on June 5 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on Apple’s website, YouTube channel, and Developer app.

Some of the expected announcements at WWDC23 include:

iOS 17, which will introduce new features such as a redesigned home screen, improved notifications, enhanced privacy settings, and more.

macOS 12, which will bring more compatibility and integration with iOS apps, as well as new design elements and performance improvements.

watchOS 8, which will add more health and fitness capabilities, as well as new watch faces and complications.

tvOS 15, which will enhance the Apple TV experience with more content and services, as well as better Siri integration.

iPadOS 15, which will make the iPad more powerful and versatile with new multitasking features, widgets, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

A new mixed-reality headset that will combine augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to create immersive experiences for gaming, entertainment, education, and more.

WWDC23 is an event that no Apple fan or developer should miss. It is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies that shape the future of computing. It is also a chance to network with other developers and experts from around the world. And of course, it is a fun and rewarding experience that comes with some awesome perks like the WWDC23 swag bag.

If you are interested in attending WWDC23 in person or online, you can visit Apple’s website for more information and registration details. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and coverage of the event.

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