The Wire: Funded by Anti-India Forces?

The Wire: Funded by Anti-India Forces?

The Wire, a digital news media platform, has been the subject of public scrutiny and speculation regarding its Anti-India Forces funding sources, editorial stance, and Anti-India content.

The Wire - Funding, Allegations, and Independent Journalism: Scrutinizing a News Giant in India

Founders and Funding

The Wire was founded by Siddharth Varadarajan Sidharth Bhatia, and MK Venu. It is published by the Foundation for Independent Journalism (FIJ), a non-profit company. The founders initially invested about Rs. 2 lakh each in the venture.

The Wire’s science coverage is reported to be fully funded by specifically earmarked contributions from Rohan Murty, who made a first grant of Rs 50 lakh in December 2015 and a repeated grant of the same amount in May 2017. Their other sources of Foreign Funding remain unknown.

Editorial Stance

Critics have accused The Wire of having a Hinduphobic and anti-India sentiment. They argue that the platform’s coverage lacks positive or balanced reporting of any act by the Modi Government.

However, The Wire claims to practice free and independent journalism.

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While The Wire has been accused of being funded by anti-India forces important to note that these are allegations and not proven facts. The Wire maintains that it is an independent media organization committed to delivering unbiased news. 

As readers, it’s crucial to approach all news with a critical eye, understanding the potential for bias in any media outlet.

Disclaimer: Our article relies on publicly accessible information, and it doesn’t assert to provide the ultimate conclusion. We encourage readers to explore the topic further through additional research.

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