Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC – BPO) PF Scam Exposed

Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC – BPO) PF Scam Exposed

A recent scandal involving Multinational Companies (MNCs) has surfaced in India, revealing instances of employees being deceived by these companies, resulting in the loss of their hard-earned money. We have been diligently monitoring a specific case, which has unveiled significant details. In this particular instance, the MNC named “Teleperformance” has been identified as the offender, operating Business Performance Outsourcing (BPO) Centers in various locations in India, including Mumbai.

Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC - BPO) PF Scam Exposed

Recent revelations have brought to the forefront the fact that Multinational Companies (MNCs) operating in India, including “Teleperformance,” are subjecting their employees and former employees to a laborious process in order to access their rightfully earned Provident Fund. Through diverse means and approaches, these companies are causing their workforce to go through extensive hurdles and unnecessary efforts.

The most common methods used by these Multinational Companies (MNCs) in India are:

Making employees / former employees submit their documents an infinite number of times,

Every time a different Executive of the Employer Multinational Company comes on the phone and asks for the entire details right from the start,

The Multinational Company Executives telling to resend documents as Aadhar Number or Pan Card Number not visible on the sent copies,

Multinational Company Executives asking to submit hard copies of Aadhar Number or Pan Card, or

Multinational Company Executives deliberately half updating employee details on EPFO Portal and not transferring the entire Provident Fund To The Employees’ PF Account many many years, there may be many other methods that these Multinational Companies are using to loot their Indian Employees at large, which have not come to our notice till now.

Additionally, considering their operational methods, it cannot be discounted that numerous other Multinational Companies may be engaging in similar practices of deceiving their former employees In India.

Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC - BPO) PF Scam Exposed

In this particular instance, we have duly conveyed our findings to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, the esteemed Minister for Corporate Affairs, and have advocated for stringent measures not only in relation to the current case involving the mentioned Multinational Company (MNC), but also to initiate a comprehensive high-level investigation into other potential Multinational Companies (MNCs) operating in India.


This scandal not only poses concerns for the Indian government but also serves as a cautionary message for the ambitious younger generation in India, who aspire to secure positions in esteemed multinational companies (MNCs). It is crucial to implement essential measures that safeguard employee rights and deter future instances of exploitative practices.

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