Telangana Student Dies in US Car Fire, Gets Global Support

Shailesh Gurrapu, a 23-year-old student from Telangana, India, was killed in a horrific car fire accident in New Jersey, USA, on June 3rd, 2023. He was pursuing his master’s degree in computer science at Bridgeport University and had a bright future ahead of him.

According to reports, Shailesh was traveling with his friends in a car when it suddenly caught fire near a highway exit. Despite the efforts of the emergency responders, Shailesh could not be saved and succumbed to his injuries. His friends were also injured in the accident and are undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

Shailesh’s death has shocked and saddened his family, friends, and the Telugu community in the US and India. He was the eldest son of his parents, who live in Bheemgal Mandal, Nizamabad district of Telangana. He also has two younger sisters who are studying in India. Shailesh had gone to the US in 2021 with a dream of pursuing higher education and making his family proud.

His family and friends have described him as a hardworking, intelligent, and kind-hearted person who always helped others. He was passionate about computer science and had a keen interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He had also participated in several academic and cultural events at his university and had won many accolades.

As soon as the news of his death reached his hometown, his relatives and neighbors gathered at his house to console his parents and offer their condolences. His parents are devastated by the loss of their son and are seeking help from the authorities to bring back his body to India for the last rites.

A group of Telugu people holding candles and placards with Shailesh Gurrapu’s name and messages of condolence

Meanwhile, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Shailesh’s friends and well-wishers to raise funds for his funeral expenses and to support his family. The campaign has received an overwhelming response from people across the world who have donated generously and expressed their sympathy and solidarity with Shailesh’s family. The campaign has also received support from several Telugu associations and organizations in the US and India who have pledged to assist Shailesh’s family in this difficult time.

The tragic death of Shailesh Gurrapu has highlighted the risks and challenges faced by Indian students who go abroad for higher education. It has also shown the strength and resilience of the Telugu community who have come together to support one of their own. Shailesh’s family and friends have thanked everyone who has extended their help and prayers and have requested everyone to respect their privacy as they cope with their loss.

Shailesh Gurrapu will always be remembered as a bright star who left this world too soon but touched many lives with his smile and spirit.


The news article above is based on the information available from various sources. It is not intended to cause any harm or distress to anyone. It is written with the aim of informing the readers about the unfortunate incident that claimed the life of a young Telugu student in the US and the support he received from his community. The article also tries to convey a message of hope and positivity that even in times of tragedy, there is always a ray of light that can help us overcome our grief.

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