Rahul Gandhi’s Secret Profession Revealed Viral Video: Post-Loksabha Election? 2024

Rahul Gandhi’s new video is now doing the rounds during Loksabha Elections 2024. This new video is going viral, stating that the Congress leader has decided on his profession for the post-Loksabha Election 2024.

Discover Rahul Gandhi's unexpected post-Loksabha Election 2024 new profession career move in a viral video.

Rahul Gandhi’s New Viral Video:

Before knowing about the truth of the viral video, let’s have a look at the viral video here:

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Truth About Rahul Gandhi’s New Viral Video In which Rahul Gandhi is Visible Making Dosas – A South Indian Recipe:

The Truth about the viral video is that this video was uploaded on YouTube by “NDTV” in the year 2023, possibly during the Telangana State Assembly elections. It appears that the same video has been downloaded by someone from YouTube, and edited after that or the original video was possibly edited by “NDTV” before circulating and making it viral on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

As of now, there has been no reaction given by Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi about this viral video.

The Congress Party has also now chosen to remain mum on the matter. There have not been any reactions from their ground-level workers either possibly due to the electoral backlash from the common man during the ongoing Losksabha Election 2024 also referred to as the General Election 2024.

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Rahul Gandhi’s support to Love Jihad In Karnataka:

One more piece of news has become viral in the entire nation from Hubli in Karnataka wherein it is allegedly reported that the daughter of a Congress Municipal Councillor has been stabbed in a case of Love Jihad in Karnataka. Let’s watch the viral video here:

This viral video appears to have been uploaded on the social media platform X (previously known as Twitter) and then downloaded from there and it is now viral all over India, with the information that the Congress Municipal Councillor from Hubli has allegedly not revealed the information that the accused “Fayaz” was known to the Congress Municipal Councillor and had proposed to marry his daughter, and upon refusal for the marriage she was allegedly stabbed by him multiple times as visible in the above CCTV Footage Video.

Police are investigating the case. More importantly, the news doing rounds is that this Congress Municipal Councillor Niranjan Hiremath had received a call from Congress Party High Command from New Delhi instructing him not to reveal the name of the criminal / offender to the Police given the ongoing Loksabha Election 2024, as any such revelation and action by the Police shall impact the vote bank of the Congress Party which is now popularly known that they support against the majority community of India as already well known at the ground level but also globally.

The Accused “Fayaz” is reported to have been arrested by the Police, but the atmosphere in Karnataka has been badly impacted by a wave going against the Congress Party during this Loksabha Election 2024. The people in the electorate have now started shaming the Congress Party at the ground level saying that the Congress Party High Command at New Delhi has not only made Hiremath sacrifice his very own 22-year-old daughter to Love Jihad which has been nourished by the Congress Party since 1947 but also prevented Hiremath from revealing the name of the murderer to the Police.

The people of Karnataka now say that the Law & Order Machiner has now completely crumbled and collapsed and is now non-existent in Karnataka state.

Congress Leader’s Viral Video & Outcome of Loksabha Election 2024:

As per the opinion of the members of the electorate, this video is doing rounds, and people are having a light round of humor and enjoying those moments. Most of the reactions from the electorate are that such things are expected when it comes to Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi, as nothing serious can be spoken about him during the polls.

It is the common man of India who likes to crack jokes about the Congress Leader calling him by the name of “Pappu” and he is also been given several other names by the common man – the voters of India.


During this ongoing Loksabha Election 2024, all eyes are on the outcome of the Loksabha Polls expected in June 2024. Till then none of the political parties want to create any such type of issue which may bring in the possibility of the ire of the electorate or any kind of backlash from the electorate which they are already expecting

So as we keep a close watch on the situation and the events in the Loksabha Election 2024, please remain in the loop for the regular latest updates.

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