Poor Farmers Using Rich Technologies In Farmers Protest 2024 Reality Unveiled

Poor Farmers, Rich Technologies: Navigating the Complexities of the 2024 Farmers’ Protest Reality Out

The ongoing Farmers’ Protest in India has garnered immense attention, both domestically and internationally. Amidst the passionate cries for justice and calls for reform, one element has sparked debate and confusion: the presence of “poor” farmers utilizing expensive technologies like Mercedes cars, iPhones, etc. This article delves into this complex issue, analyzing the facts, exploring potential explanations, and emphasizing the need for nuance in understanding the multifaceted protest.

The secrets of Farmers Protest 2024 are out, know the reality and find out the truth, as poor farmers use rich and advanced technologies in protests.
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Debunking the Stereotype: Beyond the Viral Image

The image of a “poor” farmer perched atop a luxurious Mercedes car has become a flashpoint, with critics questioning the authenticity of the protests and the financial position of the participants. However, it’s crucial to remember that a single image does not represent the entirety of the movement. The vast majority of farmers participating in the protests come from poor backgrounds, facing tough financial realities. Generalizing based on isolated incidents can be misleading and harmful to the cause.

Technology as a Tool for Empowerment, Not a Symbol of Wealth

Farmers are indeed utilizing expensive and advanced technologies like smartphones and social media to amplify their voices and organize their protests. This shouldn’t be misconstrued as a sign of affluence. In today’s world, these tools have become essential for communication, mobilization, and advocacy, even for those from underprivileged backgrounds. Access to technology can be a powerful equalizer, enabling farmers to bridge the gap between their rural realities and the wider world.

Exploring Possible Explanations

Shared resources: Is it possible that the Mercedes car in question wasn’t owned by the individual farmer but was instead a shared resource within the community, used for transportation or protest purposes?

Symbolic act: Could the expensive car have been used as a symbolic gesture to highlight the stark contrast between the farmers’ plight and the perceived indifference of the wealthy and powerful?

Misinformation: Can the image itself be part of a misinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the protests? Without proper verification, it’s important to be cautious about drawing definitive conclusions.

As per reliable sources, the possibilities of these rich and advanced technologies being used by the alleged poor farmers being shared resources, symbolic acts, and or being misinformation, appear to be quite bleak and more or less not possible.

The Real Facts about Farmers Protests 2024:

Debunking the Free Facilities And Free Perks being provided by the Government:

After getting all the facilities like free electricity, free water, seeds, fertilizers, and urea all at subsidized rates, and loans for tractors and other equipment, with all their agricultural income being exempt from Income Tax, therefore it raises serious doubts about whether the Farmers’ Protests 2024 are real or motivated and have been facilitated by some vested interests like Dalals and Brokers who have, had financial losses due to the benefits going directly to the Aadhar Card Linked Bank Accounts of the poor farmers. Is it that the poor farmers who are participating in the Farmers Protests 2024 are deliberately being made to do so as they are under the financial burden and debts of the very same Dalals and Brokers who are affiliated with the Opposition Parties including the Congress Party? Has this Farmers Protest 2024 deliberately been organized to malign PM Modi in the face of the coming Loksabha Elections 2024?

In such a scenario, should all such free facilities be withdrawn by the Government being given to the farmers from the pockets of the common man?

Demands of The Farmers’ Protests / Agitations / Kisan Andolan

1. Pension:

Rs. 1000/ Monthly Pension for every farmer from the public exchequer (Government Treasury i.e. public pockets) like a public servant for doing their own private agricultural work.

2. Blanket Waiver:

Complete waiver from repayment of all the loans taken by the farmers including loans taken for seeds, urea, fertilizers, seeds, etc., whereas they are already getting free electricity and water for agriculture.

3. Insurance:

All the farmers’ crop Insurance Premiums should be paid by the Government from the public exchequer (Government Treasury) i.e. public pockets.

4. MSP:

All Crops should be covered under the Minimum Support Price – MSP instead of the present 22 Crops.

5. Subsidy:

The Farmers are demanding a high increment of subsidies already being paid to them by the Government from the public exchequer (Government Treasury) i.e. public pockets.


The alleged farmers want to get all benefits and get covered under the MNREGA Scheme which is a job-guarantee scheme, vide which poor peasants (land-less laborers) get a minimum of 200 days of employment every year at the rate of minimum Rs. 70 per day, through which they are being employed for productive purposes like roads and highway construction, well-digging, etc.

7. Income for doing no work:

The so-called farmers are demanding that they should get the benefit of a proposal allegedly made by the M.S Swaminathan Report wherein it is being said that every farmer should get a benefit of 50% of the actual net cost of the crop produced by him. 

This actually means that a farmer every farmer who does proper research, puts in all the efforts and for example, produces a crop of Rs. 100/- will get Rs. 150/- in return, but the other farmer who does do not any research does not put in all the effort, and produces the same amount of the same crop at a net cost of Rs. 200/- will receive Rs. 300/-. This means that the actual and productive farmer benefits Rs. 50/- and the meritless farmer gets Rs. 100/ for free thereby giving rise to Communism at the cost of the Public Exchequer i.e.- public money taking the country economically behind instead of working for the progress of the nation

8. Political Demands:

Complete Immunity of arrest for AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal, as his arrest in the Delhi Liquor Case, appears to be imminent and sure.

The Farmers’ Agitation And The International Connection:

During the previous Farmers’ Protests, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, had made a statement in favor of increasing the Subsidies of Indian Farmers, whereas the same Justin Trudeau when present at The WTO complained and objected against India and questioned India’s Subsidies to the farmers. Clearly not only exposed his double standards, and support to the Communists but also his unlawful interference in the domestic and internal affairs of India.

Farmers’ Agitation / Kisan Andolan Analysis

Since these so-called farmers are getting free water and electricity for agriculture, seeds, fertilizers, and urea at subsidized rates, paying Insurance premiums at subsidized rates for crop Insurance, Getting MSP for 22 crops, and selling their crops to the corporate entities at very high prices, 

These so-called Farmers had completely rejected more benefits being provided to them vide the 3 Special Laws brought in by the Government in the past 3 years only in a way indicate that they all are now well to do and with their International Connections also proven and having huge properties in foreign countries.

All this very clearly indicates that this so-called Farmers’ Agitation / Kisan Andolan is just a farce deliberately organized with a deliberate list of completely illogical and highly unacceptable demands, which even they know are not at all justified, nor acceptable by any Government in any country through any kind of negotiations, in the present situation, thereby very clearly exposing their ill-intentions.

This only leads to the conclusion that these so-called Farmers’ Protests / Agitation/ Kisan Andolan have deliberately been organized just before the 2024 General Elections / Loksabbha Elections with the sole intention of defaming and maligning the image of the hardworking PM Modi just before the 2024 Loksabha Elections supported and sponsored by the Opposition Political Parties and sell-supported by the Foreign Powers of Foreign Countries.

Moving Forward: Nuance and Understanding

The 2024 Farmers’ Protest is a very complex issue with various layers and nuances. Judging the entire movement based on isolated incidents or stereotypes can be detrimental to productive dialogue and the solutions allegedly expected by the farmers if any. Although it very clearly appears that these so-called protesting farmers are enjoying fully luxurious lives with all the comforts at the cost of the public exchequer and with the money of the people from the subsidies and the freebies they are getting

It’s important to remember that:

The vast majority of so called farmers in the protest are probably facing financial hardships, due to the above said Dalals and Brokers

Technology can be a powerful tool for empowerment, even for those from underprivileged backgrounds not only for these so-called protesting farmers

Jumping to conclusions without proper context can hinder understanding and solutions.

By engaging in respectful dialogue, acknowledging the complexities of the situation, and avoiding generalizations, we can move towards a more informed and constructive approach to understanding the Farmers’ Protest and finding solutions that address the genuine concerns of all involved including the people of India at large. Will the farmers really divulge the real facts about the abovesaid Dalals and Brokers, their so-called protest, and their ill-intentions remains to be seen.

Please stay tuned in for further updates.

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