PM Justin Trudeau Makes Canada A Safe Haven For Khalistan Which Assassinated Indian PM Indira Gandhi

The Khalistan movement aims for a separate Sikh homeland in northern India. Canada and India are currently experiencing tension due to this situation. Many Sikhs in Canada back the Khalistan movement, sparking claims that Canada shelters Khalistan supporters. This article delves into the complex ties between Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership, and the Khalistan movement.

What is the Khalistan Movement

What is the Khalistan Movement?

The Khalistan movement wants to make a new Sikh homeland in India’s Punjab region. In the 1970s and 80s, this became trendy in India, and now, Sikhs outside India also back it more. The movement has a tricky past that has evolved. This past involves significant occurrences such as the Sikh Empire in the early 1800s and India gaining freedom from Britain in 1947.

Is Canada  A Safe Haven for Khalistanis?

Why is Canada a Safe Haven for Khalistanis?

Canada is home to a significant Sikh population, and some of them back Khalistan. Pro-Khalistan groups have operated in Canada for a while. This has sparked claims that Canada shelters Khalistani extremists.

Justin Trudeau’s Stance on Khalistan

Justin Trudeau’s Stance on Khalistan

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been accused of being soft on Khalistani extremists. His government has faced criticism for its alleged lack of action against known Khalistani extremists operating within Canada.

Canada’s Role in the Air India Flight 182 Bombing

Canada’s Role in the Air India Flight 182 Bombing

In 1985, before 9/11, a dreadful act of terrorism happened when Air India Flight 182 was bombed. This tragic attack was carried out by Khalistani extremists, led by the main suspect Talwinder Singh Parmar, who lived in Canada. Despite this, Parmar and his group were able to evade justice due to what has been described as a lackadaisical approach by Canadian agencies.

Notable Khalistani Extremists in Canada

Notable Khalistani Extremists in Canada

Several notable Khalistani extremists have been based in Canada. These include Talwinder Singh Parmar, who was involved in the Air India Flight 182 bombing, and Ripudaman Singh Malik, one of the accused in the bombing who was later acquitted.

Canadian Government’s Support for Khalistanis

The Canadian government has been accused of providing support for Khalistanis. This includes allegations that it has allowed pro-Khalistan elements to operate freely within its borders.

Canadian Politicians’ Support for Khalistanis

Several Canadian politicians have also been accused of supporting Khalistanis. This includes allegations that they have maintained close ties with individuals linked to the Khalistan movement.

Canadian Public Opinion on Khalistan

Public opinion on Khalistan within Canada is varied. Some people back the cause, while others see it as extreme. There’s also worry about how supporting Khalistan might affect Canada’s ties with India.

The Khalistan Movement and its Role in the Assassination of Indian PM Indira Gandhi

The Khalistan Movement and its Role in the Assassination of Indian PM Indira Gandhi

The Khalistan movement had a significant impact on the killing of India’s Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. This happened mainly because of Operation Blue Star, a military action carried out by the Indian government in 1984. Indira Gandhi ordered this operation to remove Sikh militants from the Golden Temple. This operation made many Sikhs angry at Gandhi, and eventually, her Sikh bodyguards assassinated her later that year.


The Khalistan movement has had a big effect on Canada-India relations. Dealing with Khalistani extremism in Canada is tough and needs careful thought. Looking ahead, this issue will keep influencing the relationship between these two countries.

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