Pakistan Suspends Internet Services Amidst Dawood Ibrahim’s Alleged Poisoning and Habibullah’s Shooting

 An illustration depicting a mobile phone with a "no internet" symbol superimposed on a map of Pakistan, representing the country's recent internet shutdown amidst the poisoning of Indian fugitive Dawood Ibrahim and the shooting of a Habbibullah Lashkar-e-Taiba recruiter.

Pakistan has unexpectedly halted all internet services nationwide due to the recent incidents linked to the alleged poisoning of infamous fugitive Dawood Ibrahim and the shooting of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) recruiter Habibullah.

Pakistan’s  Internet Services Suspended Amidst Dawood Ibrahim’s Alleged Poisoning and Habibullah’s Shooting

Habibullah, a prominent figure associated with LeT, was reportedly targeted by unidentified shooters in the Tank district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday evening. This event is part of a string of targeted attacks, with over 20 high-profile terrorists experiencing similar incidents in Pakistan in the past few months.

This incident comes after the recent killing of Adnan Ahmed, a very close ally of LeT founder Hafiz Saeed, in Karachi.

Simultaneously, there are reports of Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most sought-after fugitive, being hospitalized due to alleged poisoning. Dawood Ibrahim was rushed to a hospital in Karachi due to a serious health condition. While some unverified social media posts suggest poisoning, no official confirmation has been made. The notorious figure has been under strict security in a hospital ward accessible only to top officials and close relatives since his hospitalization two days ago.

Unconfirmed reports through reliable sources suggest that Dawood Ibrahim is likely to have succumbed to poisoning on Sunday night (December 17, 2023), but Pakistani authorities have not made any announcements, quietly maintaining their previous stand that Dawood Ibrahim “is not in Pakistan.”

As per reliable sources, Pakistan’s decision to suspend internet services is nothing but a failed attempt to control the dissemination of these incidents on media and social platforms, possibly safeguarding the country’s reputation. Keep tuned in for more updates on this developing story.

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