Otter Gets GenAI In Meetings, AI Summaries, AI Chat, And More

Otter Gets GenAI’d: Boost Your Meetings with AI Summaries, Chat, and More

Otter, the AI-powered meeting assistant known for its real-time transcription magic, is taking things a step further with the introduction of GenAI. This suite of new AI tools promises to revolutionize the way you conduct and access meeting information. Let’s delve into what GenAI offers and how it can transform your communication landscape.

Discover how Otter brings in GenAI in meetings with AI summaries, AI Chat, and much more. Find out here how to benefit from it safely and securely.

Dive into Meeting Insights with AI Summaries

Gone are the days of wading through lengthy transcripts! GenAI provides intelligent summaries that capture the essence of your meetings. Imagine receiving a concise paragraph followed by a clear list of action items, allowing you to quickly grasp key points and the next steps without spending hours listening or reading.

Unleash the Power of AI Chat

Need to recall specific details from a past meeting? No problem! GenAI’s chat feature acts as your personal meeting knowledge base. Simply ask some questions like “What did Sarah say about the marketing campaign?” or “Did we decide on a deadline?”. GenAI fully scans your meeting history, providing accurate and immediate answers.

Collaborate Seamlessly with AI Chatbots

Imagine having an AI assistant directly participating in your team chats. This is where GenAI’s channel chatbot shines. Integrate it into your group chats, and anyone can summon it with questions like “Otter, what are our sales figures?”. The chatbot naturally participates and delivers the relevant information, streamlining collaboration and also eliminating information silos.

Proactive Insights on the Horizon

Otter’s vision doesn’t stop there. The goal is for GenAI to evolve into a proactive participant. Analyze discussions and offer helpful insights, like pulling up relevant information from past meetings when needed. Imagine skipping the guesswork and getting the answer at your fingertips.

Security and Accessibility – Top Priorities

Otter recognizes the importance of data security. Your records are protected using robust cloud-based security, similar to trusted services like Dropbox and Gmail. Access Otter and its AI features from any device, anywhere, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Affordability Makes GenAI Accessible to All

Unlike some competitors charging hefty fees, Otter remains committed to accessibility. All GenAI features will be included in both the free plan and the $20 per-month Business plan. This makes Otter an attractive option for individuals and teams seeking to unlock the power of AI in their meetings.

Otter’s GenAI marks a significant advancement in meeting technology. With its AI-powered summaries, personalized chat, and collaborative features, GenAI empowers you to gain deeper insights, optimize communication, and ultimately achieve better meeting outcomes.

Ready to experience the future of meetings? Explore Otter’s GenAI and unleash the power of AI in your communication journey!

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