Non-Citizen Voter Registration Fears Grip Staten Island Shelter Contract

New York Congresswoman Raises Red Flag Over Potential Non-Citizen Voter Registration: Staten Island Shelter Contract Controversy

New York Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis raises alarm over potential non-citizen voter registration at Staten Island homeless shelter, sparking controversy and concerns about election integrity.

 Staten Island, NY – December 4, 2023: A recent New York City contract with Homes for the Homeless, a homeless shelter organization, has sparked concerns over possible non-citizen voter registration, especially at the organization’s migrant shelter on Staten Island. Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) has raised red flags, suggesting that the contract may pose a risk to the integrity of elections.

Contract Sparks Controversy:

The controversy revolves around a contract clause requiring Homes for the Homeless to distribute voter registration information to the individuals they serve. Malliotakis argues that this could potentially lead to the inadvertent or intentional registration of non-citizens, both legal and illegal, residing in the shelter.

Debate over Contract Clause:

Malliotakis emphasized a lack of safeguards in the contract to verify citizenship status before providing voter registration forms. She expressed concerns that anyone, regardless of immigration status, could receive a registration form, posing a significant risk of voter fraud.

Homes for the Homeless Responds:

In response to the allegations, Homes for the Homeless has released a statement defending their practices. The organization claims of having a rigorous screening process to ensure only eligible individuals receive voter registration materials. They also provide educational materials on voting rights to everyone they serve, regardless of immigration status.

Impact and Scrutiny:

The actual number of non-citizens in the Staten Island shelter remains unknown. Malliotakis’s concerns have prompted a closer look at the contract and raised broader questions about voter registration practices in New York City.

Calls for Investigation and Action:

Malliotakis has called for an immediate suspension of the contract clause related to voter registration distribution. She urges city officials to implement stricter protocols for verifying citizenship status before registering individuals to vote.

Potential Legal Consequences:

The controversy might have legal ramifications, with Malliotakis hinting at the possibility of legal action if the city does not address her concerns promptly. She has emphasized the importance of safeguarding the integrity of elections.

Transparency and Accountability:

The New York City Board of Elections has yet to comment on the matter. Calls for a transparent and thorough investigation into the Homes for the Homeless contract are intensifying, highlighting the need for robust safeguards to ensure fair and manipulation-free elections.


As the debate unfolds, it is evident that maintaining the sanctity and integrity of the electoral process requires transparency, and accountability, along with a commitment to upholding the law. Residents of New York City are encouraged to stay informed and engage in their own research to form a comprehensive understanding of the developing situation. This article aims to present various perspectives objectively and does not endorse any specific viewpoint.

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