Microsoft Partners Mistral in AI Deal: Expanding the Frontier of Language Models

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Introduction: Microsoft and Mistral Partnership And Expansion Of Language Models

In a strategic move that expands its presence in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft has announced a multi-year partnership with Mistral, a promising French AI startup. This partnership, valued at €2 billion ($2.1 billion), signifies a significant collaboration between these two entities, with far-reaching implications for the development and deployment of next-generation language models.

Key Elements of the Partnership:

Investment and Collaboration: Microsoft has taken a minor stake in Mistral, demonstrating its commitment to the company’s growth and potential. This investment, coupled with the multi-year partnership, establishes a strong foundation for collaborative efforts in research, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge AI solutions.

Azure Integration: Mistral’s open and commercial language models will become available through Microsoft’s Azure AI platform, marking the second commercial offering after OpenAI. This integration provides wider accessibility and scalability for users, potentially accelerating the adoption and integration of advanced AI capabilities into various applications.

Next-Generation Language Models: Echoing its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft’s focus with Mistral lies in fostering the development and deployment of next-generation large language models (LLMs). This collaborative effort holds immense potential for pushing the boundaries of language understanding, generation, and interaction.

Introducing Mistral Large:

Coinciding with the partnership announcement, Mistral unveiled its latest creation, Mistral Large. Designed to directly compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4, this model boasts impressive performance, claiming the title of “the world’s second-ranked model generally available through an API.” This indicates a critical step towards offering users a wider range of LLM options with highly advanced capabilities.

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Deployment Options and Availability:

Mistral Large is accessible through various avenues:

Mistral’s own infrastructure: Hosted in Europe, this option provides direct access to Mistral’s resources.

Azure AI Studio and Azure Machine Learning: This integration offers seamless access within Microsoft’s cloud platform, facilitating integration with other Azure services.

Mistral Small: This smaller and faster iteration of Mistral offers improved latency compared to previous models, catering to users seeking efficient performance.

Le Chat: This conversational chatbot leverages various Mistral models, showcasing the company’s expertise in crafting user-friendly AI experiences.

Shifting Gears: Towards Commercial Opportunities:

While Mistral has traditionally embraced an open-source approach, the partnership with Microsoft opens doors to exploring commercially viable applications of its AI models. This shift holds the potential to further fuel Mistral’s growth and development while providing users with diverse options catering to their specific needs.

Navigating Turbulent Waters:

Microsoft’s investment comes amidst a period of uncertainty for its primary AI partner, OpenAI. Recent leadership changes and internal discussions highlight the complex landscape of AI development and governance. While Microsoft secured a non-voting observer seat on the OpenAI board, this move signifies their continued interest in collaborating with and influencing the direction of AI advancement.


The Microsoft-Mistral partnership represents a significant development in the field of AI. By combining resources, expertise, and focus, these entities are poised to accelerate the development and accessibility of next-generation language models. From fostering open-source innovation to exploring commercially viable applications, this collaboration holds immense potential to shape the future of AI in various industries and applications.

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