How Alphabet Laser Internet is Connecting the World with Light

How Alphabet Laser Internet is Connecting the World with Light

Can you imagine yourself living in some world where high-speed internet service is available and accessible all the time, everywhere, and without any cable and wire connection? Does this situation appear to you like a scene out straight from a science fiction movie? Right? It should not be because, Alphabet, Google’s parent company has developed a technology that can deliver high-speed internet service to remote and rural areas by using beams of light.

What is Alphabet Laser Internet?

Alphabet Laser Internet is a project by X, also known as the “Moonshot Factory”, which is Alphabet’s innovation lab that takes on projects bordering on science fiction. The project is called Taara, which means “star” in Hindi, and it uses laser beams to transmit data over long distances.

Taara’s machine is the size of traffic lights that beam the laser carrying the data – essentially fiber-optic internet without the cables. The laser beams travel up to 20 kilometers but they also provide bandwidth speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second, which is quite sufficient to stream 4K videos or support thousands of users simultaneously.

A terminal device to deliver internet with mirrors and lasers created by Taara, a project in Alphabet’s X lab

The technology functions by using mirrors along with lenses to simultaneously align and focus the laser beams in a manner that is invisible to the human eye and harmless to wildlife. The beams can also automatically adjust to atmospheric conditions such as rain, fog, or dust, which interfere with the signal.

Why is Alphabet Laser Internet important?

Alphabet Laser Internet is important because it helps bridge the digital divide and it also brings internet access to millions of people who lack reliable connectivity. According to the World Bank, more than 3 billion people still do not have any access to the Internet, and many of them live in quite remote and rural areas where laying fiber-optic cables is either totally unviable and expensive or completely impractical.

By using laser beams instead of cables, Alphabet Laser Internet overcomes the challenges of terrain, distance, and costs, and provides fast and affordable internet service effectively to underserved communities at large. This can have a positive impact on many sectors including education, health care, agriculture, commerce, and social development.

Where is Alphabet Laser Internet available?

Alphabet Laser Internet is currently available in 13 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. Some of Alphabet’s partners that use the technology include Bharti Airtel in India, Econet Group and Liquid Telecom in Africa, Bluetown in India, and Digicel in the Pacific Islands.

One of the most recent examples of Alphabet Laser Internet’s deployment is in India, where Taara has teamed up with Bharti Airtel to provide internet services to remote areas. For instance, Taara helped connect a hospital in the Nuh district of Haryana state, which previously had no internet access. This enabled the hospital to use telemedicine services and access online medical records.

Another example is in Kenya, where Taara helped connect a school in Nanyuki town, which had limited internet access due to frequent power outages. This enabled the school to use online learning platforms and access educational resources.

What are the future plans for Alphabet Laser Internet?

Alphabet Laser Internet has ambitious plans for expanding its reach and impact in the future. According to Mahesh Krishnaswamy, who is leading Taara, the project aims to be one of the most cheapest and most affordable providers of internet service in the entire world.

“We are trying to be one of the cheapest and the most affordable places where you would be able to get dollars per gigabyte to the end consumers,” he said.

The project plans to explore new applications and markets for this technology, such as urban areas in developed countries where laying fiber-optic cables can be quite costly and possibly disruptive. According to Randeep Sekhon, chief technology officer of Bharti Airtel, Taara can help deliver faster internet service in urban areas also by using laser beams instead of underground or overground cables.


Alphabet Laser Internet is an advanced revolutionary technology that is about to bring internet access to remote and rural areas by using beams of light. This Latest Technology of Alphabet will bridge the digital divide as well as improve the lives of millions of people who lack reliable connectivity. Additionally, this technology will also open up new opportunities and possibilities for progress and development in several important sectors such as education, health care, agriculture, commerce, and social development.

Alphabet Laser Internet is a testament to Alphabet’s vision and innovation, as well as its commitment to making the world a better place through technology. It is a very shining example of how laser beams can light up the entire world.

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