Deepfakes: India’s New Law Cracks Down on Misinformation and Digital Manipulation

Deepfakes: India’s New Law Cracks Down on Misinformation and Digital Manipulation

Date: 23.11.2023 | Mumbai

In a major stride against the rising danger of deepfakes, India is gearing up to implement a groundbreaking law specifically designed to combat the creation and spread of manipulated media. This upcoming legislation grants the government the authority to identify, eliminate, and prosecute those involved in the production of deepfakes.

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Understanding Deepfakes and Their Risks

Deepfakes, powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, have become a cause for concern due to their ability to craft deceptive audio and video content. Manipulated files can cause big problems like spreading false information, damaging reputations, and even encouraging violence. Deepfakes are widely used and can harm public trust and the reliability of information.

Key Provisions of India’s New Law

India’s proactive approach to deep fake regulation encompasses key provisions aimed at tackling the challenges posed by manipulated media:

Clear Definition of Deepfakes: The law establishes a precise definition of deepfakes as “audio or video content manipulated using artificial intelligence or other techniques to appear genuine when it is not.”

Deepfake Detection Mechanism: The government plans to use advanced technology and work with AI and media experts to spot and prevent deepfake videos.

Removal from Online Platforms: Social media platforms and online intermediaries will be mandated to promptly remove deepfakes upon receiving notice from the government or a designated authority. Failure to follow the rules may lead to fines and the removal of safety benefits.

Criminal Prosecution for Creators: Creating or spreading deepfakes can lead to legal consequences, and the punishment depends on how harmful and deceptive the manipulated content is.

India’s Leadership in Deepfake Regulation

India’s new law on deepfakes positions the country as a trailblazer in global efforts to regulate this evolving technology. Striking a balance between safeguarding freedom of expression and protecting the public from misinformation, India’s approach could serve as a model for other nations grappling with the challenges posed by deepfakes.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Deepfake Regulation

As deepfake technology advances, ongoing refinement of regulatory measures is crucial. India’s new law represents a positive step forward, but sustained international cooperation will be essential to effectively address the global threat posed by deepfakes.

Conclusion: A Landmark Legislation

India’s pioneering deepfake law showcases the nation’s commitment to battling misinformation and shielding its citizens from digital manipulation. This legislation is a pivotal response to the escalating threat of deepfakes, setting a precedent for other countries to follow suit in safeguarding the integrity of information and public trust.

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