Dawood Ibrahim’s Illness Or Death?: A Silence from Pakistan

Dawood Ibrahim’s Illness Or Death?: A Silence from Pakistan

Dawood Ibrahim dead or alive after hospitalization, analyze the situation and facts, as the story gradually unfolds amidst silence from Pakistan.

19th December 2023, New Delhi: In a sudden and recent turn of events, the notorious globally designated terrorist and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, reportedly residing in Karachi, Pakistan, has been rumored to be poisoned and hospitalized. The news has sparked a high wave of speculation and intrigue across the globe, with many questioning the silence of the Pakistani authorities on the matter.

Dawood Ibrahim, a name synonymous with the Mumbai blasts of 1993, has been a fugitive on India’s most-wanted list for years. Despite Pakistan’s denial of his presence, it was revealed that he was living in Karachi. This revelation came when Pakistan placed his name on the list of designated terrorists, submitted to the Financial Action Task Force.

Reports suggest that Dawood was the sole occupant of an entire floor in the Multi-specialty Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan amidst high security. His family members had confirmed his ill health but had denied the rumors of poisoning. Amidst these developments, a senior Pakistani journalist, Arzoo Kazmi, reported an Internet and communication blackout.

Amidst all these developments all Internet services in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad have been shut down allegedly to stop the dissemination of the details of all these developments on social media platforms.

Several Intelligence Experts on Various News TV Channels Show have confirmed these incidents, besides Pakistan Media breaking the story and now under pressure of Pakistan Authorities and ISI. These Intelligence Experts have confirmed that all this has been done by the ISI And Pakistan Army, Pakistan Authorities as they wanted to wash their hands off as he had now become a liability for them.

As per reports, Dawood Ibrahim’s son-in-law Junaid Miandad Son of Pakistan’s Cricketer Javed Miandad, and their entire family have been places under house arrest by the Pakistan Authorities.

Some sources cite the mysterious death of Dawood Ibrahim, but there has been no confirmation from Pakitan Authorities, nor can any confirmation be expected from Pakistan as they have always maintained that the global terrorist and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is not in Karachi or Pakistan, and therefore Pakistan Authorities are logically by default not in any position to make any declaration or issue any statement on the subject. 

The question that arises now is – Will Pakistan break its silence on the issue? As of now, there has been no official statement from the Pakistani authorities regarding Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged poisoning and hospitalization or mysterious death. The entire world watches with bated breath as this story gradually continues to unfold in Karachi, Pakistan.

Please stay tuned in for the latest developments on this unfolding story.

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