Closing Your PayTM Postpaid Account: A Seamless Guide (2024 Update)

How To Close PayTM Postpaid Account

Before You Close Your PayTM Postpaid Account:

Clear your outstanding balance:

Settle any existing PayTM Postpaid dues to avoid closure delays. You can use the balance for purchases, transfer it to another user, or withdraw it to your bank account.

Consider alternative solutions:

If temporary financial constraints are prompting closure, explore PayTM’s flexible repayment options, such as extending the due date or converting to PayTM EMI.

Checking Your Outstanding Balance:

Open the PayTM App and click the profile icon.

Select “Balance & History.”

Under “Postpaid,” view your current outstanding amount.

Transferring or Withdrawing Balance:

For transfers, enter the recipient’s registered PayTM number.

For withdrawals, choose your linked bank account.

With Paytm running into trouble in many countries, this is a guide to the easiest methods for closing your Paytm postpaid account, learn and know now

Initiating the Closure Process Of Your PayTM Postpaid Account:

Method 1: Through the PayTM App:

Open the app and click the profile icon.

Select “24×7 Help” followed by “Profile Settings.”

Choose “I need to close/delete my account.”

Select “I don’t use this PayTM account” and provide a reason (optional).

Tap “Message us” to submit your request.

Method 2: Contact PayTM Customer Care:

Call 1800-180-3030 (toll-free) or 0120-4456-456.

Speak to a representative and clearly state your intent to close your PayTM Postpaid account.

Important Points to Remember:

Closure usually takes 8 calendar days after initiation.

Using your PayTM Postpaid account during this period will cancel the closure request.

Ensure you don’t have any linked PayTM Postpaid subscriptions active.

If you have a registered PayTM Business account, closure might differ.


Following these steps and considering the crucial points, you can smoothly close your PayTM Postpaid account. If you have further questions or encounter issues, contact PayTM’s customer support for assistance.

Disclaimer: This information is for general guidance only. PayTM’s policies and procedures might change over time. Always refer to their official website and app for the latest updates.

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