Alert: Tax Phishing Scams Targeting Businesses – Stay Safe!

Alert: Tax Phishing Scams Targeting Businesses – Methods To Stay Safe!


Tax season is here, and it brings a risk of falling for tax phishing scams. This article breaks down these tax phishing scams, how they work, who scammers target, and most importantly, how you can protect yourself. Stay informed and watch out for these scams to keep your personal and financial information safe during tax time.


How Tax Phishing Scams Work And Target Individuals And Businesses:


Tricky Emails and Texts:


Scammers send emails or texts imposting to be from the IRS. They use urgent or threatening language, claiming you have a refund or owe taxes. Clicking on their links leads to fake websites that steal your information.


Sneaky Phone Calls:


Scammers pretend to be IRS agents, calling to pressure you into paying fake taxes over the phone using odd methods like gift cards.


Deceptive Social Media Posts:


Scammers use social media to spread lies about tax refunds or law changes. They may direct you to fake websites or ask for personal info.



Find out how Tax Phishing Scams loot you of your precious money by targeting businesses. Understand how to stay safe from the Tax Phishing Scams now.



Who’s at Risk:


Everyone Filing Taxes:


Scammers target everyone filing taxes, hoping to catch them off guard.


All Kinds Of Businesses:


Businesses are a special and most profitable target for the scammer, as most of the work is handled by the employees.


First-Time Tax Filers:

New to taxes? Scammers hope you’re less familiar with the process and more likely to fall for their tricks.

Senior Citizens:


Scammers think senior citizens are trusting and not good with tech, making them an easy target.


Expecting Refunds:


Knowing people wait for tax refunds, scammers use this to trick them into clicking on suspicious links.


How To Protect Yourself And Your Business From Tax Phishing Scams:


Be Careful with Messages:


The real IRS won’t demand immediate payment or threaten you through phone, email, or text. If you get such a message, do not immediately respond or click links.


Check the Sender:


If an email or text seems fishy, don’t click links. Contact the IRS directly using their official website or phone number.


Keep Personal Info Private:


The IRS won’t ask for sensitive details via email, text, or phone. Don’t share your Social Security number, bank info, or other personal details.


File Taxes Online:


E-filing lowers the risk of identity theft and keeps your info secure.


Boost Online Security:


Use strong, unique passwords, and be careful about clicking on suspicious links or opening strange emails.


Remember, staying smart and cautious can help you avoid falling for tax scams. If you think you’re targeted, report it to the IRS immediately.


Additional Info:


Latest Trends:


Scammers are getting creative, using fake social media profiles and targeting specific jobs, like accountants, with personalized scams especially to target businesses.


HSBC UK has also issued an Alert about the Tax Phishing Scams also known as HM Revenue & Customs Scam or HMRC Scam and suggested methods to stay safe of such Tax Phishing Scams.


Legal Actions:


Authorities in the US, Canada, and India are actively working to catch and prosecute tax scammers. They’re teaming up to stop these scams and punish the people behind them.




Tax season is risky with Tax Phishing Scams around, but by knowing the tricks, recognizing potential targets, and taking steps to protect yourself and your business, you can face tax time confidently. Stay alert, stay informed, and report anything fishy to the authorities. Your business and financial safety matters; together, we can stop these cyber crooks.


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